Forget the politicians, Dimbleby's tie wins every election!

Forget the politicians, Dimbleby's tie wins every election!

Almost a month on, an article about election night might appear to be the feeble attempt of a desperate journalist to stretch out old news for all it’s worth. However, one overwhelmingly important subject has been consistently neglected over years of election coverage, and such neglect has forced me to break my silence.

Whether we like his style of presenting or not, whether we buy into the BBC’s less-than-iconic ‘Road to number ten’ graphics or disregard them as a form of glorified hopscotch-for-grown-ups, we cannot deny that David Dimbleby’s sartorial choices never fail to be ‘on fleek’.

When preparing for the long haul of election night, carefully positioning our hummus and breadsticks so they are close enough to avoid that awkward walk from sofa to coffee table, but not so close that we squander them before even Newcastle and Sunderland have announced their results, we talk with anticipation about the night ahead. However, whilst politics is on everyone’s lips, what is on our minds is that all important outfit choice by one of our most beloved TV presenters.

Let’s have a look at dapper David’s wardrobe from his very first election in 1979, to the present day…

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It’s a classic; the young presenter goes for a simple-yet-chic pink tie against the backdrop of a light blue shirt, but boy does it work! Dimble is certainly looking nimble in this fresh, sophisticated combo!



And he’s done it again! We’d all worried that opting for pink two elections in a row might become his hamartia, but daring David doesn’t half pull it off. And that subtle detailing on the tie’s fabric tops off what is an undeniably intimidating look…



It’s on the same side of the colour wheel, but this fetching Ferrari red marks a clear shift in the presenter’s signature style. Some might brand him a brigand for choosing such a partisan pallet, but a strong Tory victory in 1987 demonstrated that Dimbleby’s roguish regalia can’t have swayed the results…



This is a clear departure from the norm, as dashing Dave goes for a bold and abstract number to complement his suit. Our swingometer notes a strong movement from plain to patterned, but that reddish hue which has become an archetypal feature of Dimbleby’s election coverage remains.



With a landslide Labour victory after years of Conservative domination, 1997 was a significant year for Britain. But Blair’s triumph wasn’t the only turning point. For the first time Dimbleby dons a tie which hints towards both sides of the political spectrum, with a blue cornflower feature on a rusty red background. From the non-partisan pink to now, we’ve come a long way, and there’s further to go!



And he’s returned to what the British public know and love for 2001. Despite the Austin Powers swirl, the rosé tones are certainly familiar. This tie seems to be a coming-together of Dimbleby’s most successful styles so far. Quite the international man of mystery!



He wouldn’t have got away with this tie in 2015! UKIP thought they’d got a monopoly on all things politically purple, but it seems that Dimbleby got there first! The subtle floral embroidery on this lilac number make it a lively accompaniment to an otherwise sombre garb.



Cameron may have taken the official prize in this election, but the only David to truly knock us off our feet was Dimbleby! This sixties stunner surely surpasses anything the sophisticated star had attempted before! With the introduction of yellows and oranges, had he predicted coalition? Whilst his classy grey suit harks back to the 1983 election, this multi-coloured masterpiece looks forward to what can only be an era of true sartorial greatness.



And just as we thought he’d reached his peak, Dimble-bee leaves his viewers buzzing by setting the bar even higher! This highly refined tie combines the traditional class of William Morris with the modern pizzazz of Andy Warhol, with its eye-catching and vibrant insect imagery. Ooh ooh ooh, honey!



And so we come to the last, but certainly not the least, of the ties on our list. It seems to me that this is the true mark of excellence. A delicate balance of vitality and sophistication, this floral number seems to embody everything we look for in an election presenter: effervescence and freshness, but with that consciousness of tradition which makes Dimbleby’s commentary so successful. Indeed, the only downside of this national treasure’s attire is that it is perhaps too good. Who even won the election anyway? I was too busy trying to work out whether Dimbleby’s tie was embroidered silk or printed cotton. I’m in knots thinking about the next one…

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The law is there to protect you (unless you're a sex worker)!

The law is there to protect you (unless you're a sex worker)!